Photodynamic Therapy can Control all Autoimmune Diseases

PDT is remarkably flexible. By changing the sensitizer used, the administration vector and the amount of light used it is possible to cause the immune system to STOP attacking normal tissue, a condition known as autoiummune dysfunction.

Treatment of Scleroderma Morpheus

The photos below are representative of Scleroderma treated by PDT. This patient had been treated for 15 years using conventional techniques which never reduced the Scleroderma. When we examined her the lower back was covered with a large area of rigid tissue which would not flex, had no visible pores or hairs.The tissue became flexible during the treatment and pores appeared within minutes. Over several weeks the skin continued to improve and eventually normal hairs regrew. This patient was treated over five years ago, and to date has no return of Scleroderma.

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Before Treatment
After 3 Treatments
2 months later
4 months later

Diabetes Mellitus is Curable!

diabetes chart

In a controlled test of PDT treatment of diabetes, we evaluated the patients blood glucose with and without medication for six days before treating with PDT.  In the chart above the yellow zone is before treatment.  When the mdication was stopped on day two, blood glucose shot to nearly 15 within 24  hours.

PDT of the immune system was performed according to our propriotary protocol, maintaining a specific molarity of sensitizer in the blood stream while exposing to laser.  Because meds had been reduced and then stopped before treatment blood glucose went up to 14.8 the following day, but then the treatment took effect and glucose levels started dropping. 

On day 13 and 14, because blood sugar appeared stable, the patient decided to enjoy heavy meals and ice cream, cake and soft drinks.  Blood sugar rose, but was within safe levels.

Watching this patient over a period of more than two weeks has given me a new insight on diabetes.  We tend to think of it as a problem of excessive blood sugar, but the real problem is that the blood sugar can not get into cells to provide energy.  After PDT treatment the patient remarked that he felt "light and warm" and began to show far more energy, taking stair steps four at a time and moving constantly. 

Prior to treatment, even on medication, his feet were a dusky color, indicating poor flow and oxygenation.  After treatment this reversed.  Patient is suprised and pleased by the return of a healthy pink glow to his hands and feet.

diabetes healing

Impaired healing resolved

Anybody with diabetes is familiar with the side effect of impaired healing.

Diabetics who get a cut or an abrasion expect a healing period of days or even weeks.  This of course is a major health problem because it leaves the body open to infection, chemicals, necrosis or other complications.

The medications used for conventional diabetes control do not  help this.

The patient above usually took weeks to heal from any skin damage. On the 16th day he got a cut on his toe and expected it to take a long time to heal.  Imagine how suprised and pleased he was when it was healed the following morning!  Another benefit of treating diabetes with PDT.

Treatment of Psoriasis and Eczema

Psoriasis can migrate into joints and be very painful. Long before that level of severity is an unpleasant disorder which ranges from embarrassing for some patients to painful cracking tissue which makes life difficult. Current thought is that it is yet another autoimmune dysfunction.

We have treated Psoriasis with two different sensitizers, and have had good results. In the first case the patient was a Doctor who had treated himself with everything at his disposal for at least two years but still had a 2.5 x 5.5 cm patch of localized discoid psoriasis on his arm. Two treatments resolved it. Six months after treatment it had not returned. 

The second patient was a University professor who had suffered with psoriasis for years.  The pictures below are before and after treatment on the hand.  After treating one hand patches in other locations resolved.

Each of the pictures below can be viewed in a larger format by clicking on the picture which will open a new page

Multiple Sclerosis is Easy to Treat with PDT

Treatment consists of a one hour exposure to laser light during administration of a sensitizer. All patients show immediate improvement within 3 to 10 days.  Our oldest MS patient was treated five years ago and still shows virtually no signs of MS.

multiple sclerosis

The left photo above is an MRI of an MS patient before treatment.  White areas are ongoing attacks by immune system referred to as flares. Black spots are dead brain tissue.

The right photo is after treatment.  No flares or black holes visible, patient had no symptoms of MS.

A well known neurobiologist has requested information regarding this protocol. The document we prepared for him regarding the patient is informative so if you wish to review it please click here

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These papers are on the use of PDT to reduce or eliminate autoimmune disorders.
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