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There are three stages to our breast cancer treatment. The first stage just requires a few pills a day and a couple of drinks. The scans below are from the first stage, which is just to prepare the patient for the PDT treatment.
breast cancer treatment

This is ultrasound of a DCIS patient before treatment. Unfortunately they did not do flow doppler so you can't see where the blood flow is, but it has all the hallmarks of classical cancer tumor in that it is lobulated, clearly circumscribed and has internal features.

This paitient had a biopsy done, which immediately spread what was originally a contained tumor with little threat to life. With our testing techniques we determined that a couple of months after the biopsy it was in her bones, lymphatic system and her liver. Biopsies always spread cancer!

This is the same patient after 5 days of PREtreatment, the stabilzing process we use before starting the high power PDT treatment. As you can see, it is no longer lobulated or circumscribed, has no internal features, and the only blood flow is OUTSIDE the mass so the tumor is dead.

The report described it as a complex mass with calcium deposits and minimal to moderate perilesional vascularization, which means the only blood flow is OUTSIDE the area. These terms are most often used to describe benign cysts. We will now proceed to the next stage of treatment.

breast cancer 2 weeks

The scan to the left is with the same basic treatment 2 weeks after starting treatment.

As you can see, the original mass has all but disappeared. The colored segments are from the immune system repairing the damage and removing the dead tumor.

We are waiting to see if this patient actually requires PDT, it may resolve completely on it's own now that the immune system is activated.

We will probably do a short PDT treatment even if there is no tumor left, because we want to be sure the immune system has been fully activated and PDT is the best way to do that.

Testing with our machine indicates no cancer present, the lymphatic system and bones and liver no longer indicate the presence of cancer. This is the best possible outcome! With immune system activation this cancer can never return.


Breast cancer is easily treatable using our techniques, and it does not require mutilation or poisoning or harmful radiation. This is much safer and more successful than the conventional therapy described below.

Lymphatic involvement is cleared up with the immune system. No surgery is necessary or desireable, so a life with compression stockings on the arms is avoided.

Once the immune system is activated and maintained, it will clear out even bone and liver metastasis.


As you can see from the chart to the right, real no lie statistics indicate that stage four breast cancer has less than 10% survival to five years.

The cancer industry likes to say that the survival for breast cancer has improved dramatically, but it is a lie based on manipulation of the statistics and even the definition of breast cancer.

The bottom line is that chemo, surgery and radiation SHORTEN the survival times. You are better off with no treatment at all!

A very famous man who was the head of two major cancer research groups did a study, he said that breast cancer patients who avoided conventional treatment live four times longer!

Breast cancer survival
People connected with cancer research all know that the long term survival of breast cancer patients is about 17%. So why all of a sudden are we hearing that due to new treatments breast cancer survival has shot up to 65%? Simple.. to quote Mark Twain, "there are three kinds of lies... little white lies, damnable lies and then you have statistics". How did the cancer industry manipulate statistics to make it look like things were better?

It was a three part scheme. A few years ago the reporting standards changed, suddenly a breast cancer patient who died of chemo poisoning was removed from the statistics, because she didn't die of breast cancer technically, she actually died from the chemo or the surgery or other medical mistakes.

Part two was they changed the definition of survival. It used to be 20 years of non-recurrance. Suddenly they decided that being alive after 5 years, even if you had cancer and it was progressing, was acceptable survival.

Part three was they changed the definition of breast cancer. It used to be if you had breast cancer you had breast cancer. A few years back they decided the definition of breast cancer was having one lump less than a centimeter in size which had not metastized.. so if you had two lumps or the one lump was bigger than the tip of your little finger or it had spread, you magically did not have breast cancer.

The pathetic part is that with those breast cancer definitions, if you have a lump smaller than one centimeter you have an excellent chance of being alive five years later if you do nothing at all. Breast cancer does go into remission with chemo, but it usually comes back.

In addition, in about 5 out of a thousand patients, the chemo itself causes leukemia.

The following is a quote from a respectable research institution.

Patients with early-stage breast cancer treated with preventive or adjuvant chemotherapy face an increased risk for leukemia that does not justify the modest survival benefit of additional treatment, say US researchers.

They found that early-stage breast cancer patients treated with adjuvant or preventive chemotherapy have a cumulative risk of developing leukemia at 10 years of 0.5%, almost twice the rate reported in previous studies.

In a release, study author Judith Karp, MD, professor emerita of oncology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, commented: "The frequency of bone marrow cancers such as leukemia is small, there's no question about it."

"However, the cumulative risk over a decade is now shown to be twice as high as we thought it was, and that risk doesn't seem to slow down 5 years after treatment," Dr Karp said.

Treating early stage breast cancer with photodynamic therapy is usually successful, more so than treating breast cancer with surgery or chemo or radiation. There is a new thing happening, women are having preventative mastectomies. What they are not aware of is that this does not reduce the chances of breast cancer any considerable amount

When the photodynamic therapy uses the right wavelength of light it penetrates breast tissue really well. Even a very large breast will pass light from the bottom to the top. If the breast is infected with cancer, even very early stage which cannot be detected by mammograms, the breast tissue will stop the light before it gets more than a couple of centimeters in. When you use the laser on patients with breast cancer on one side only it is amazing how much less the light penetrates through the breast that has cancer.

Even so light penetrates through breast tissue well enough to treat even large masses. We treated one woman whose left breast was solid cancer, but after treatment the tissue converted to normal breast tissue.

Breast cancer typically goes to the lymphatics first, then the spine and ribs, then the brain. We have killed breast cancer mets in all of those places.

One of the most tragic aspects of breast cancer treatment is that in addition to surgically mutilating the breast, they more often than not remove lymph nodes because breast cancer has infitrated them. The absurd part is that this does nothing to prevent breast cancer reoccurance. If the breast cancer has infiltrated the axial sentinel nodes, you can bet it is already in the spine and usually in the lungs liver and brain as well. As the breast cancer passes through the lymphatics straight away, cutting out lymph nodes does nothing for extending breast cancer remission, it just dooms the patient to a lifetime of wearing compression stockings to limit edema.

Survival of breast cancer is definitely shortened by chemo surgery and radiation. Almost any alternative treatment is superior to conventional treatment.

A comprehensive holistic treatment like we use is vastly superior to any other treatment protocol.

Testing Mammography is known to CAUSE breast cancer, never submit to mammography. Under no circumstance should you allow a biopsy to be done, that ALWAYS spreads the cancer. Pet scans, CT scans and MRI's can not distinguish between benign inflammatory processes and cancer. There are only two reliable and safe techniques to test for breast cancer. If you want to go hard core scientific route find a lab that does ELASTOGRAPHY. It is proven to be more accurate than a biopsy in determining what is dangerous and what is not a problem.

breast cancer metastasis
Ductal carcinoma in situ stage 0 breast cancer Lobular cancer in situe stage 0 breast cancer


The pictures above are considered "non invasive" breast cancer. Survival is excellent without conventional treatment, UNLESS you allow a biopsy, in which case you will rapidly progress through all of the higher stages.


stage 2a breast cancer Stage 2b breast cancer


A biopsy will always cause progression to the above stages, because it releases cancer cells. It may progress to these stages even without a biopsy, but not as likely. With a biopsy it always does.


Stage 3a breast cancer Stage 3b breast cancer


These are the stages leading up to stage four. Biopsy starts them, and chemotherapy accelerates the progression. You can find documentation of this fact in the lower part of the home page.


Stage 4 breast cancer

This is the final stage of breast cancer. If you follow the chemotherapy surgery regime you will certainly arrive at this condition, and it will happen faster than it ever would even without treatment at all.

It is possible to save a person who is in this stage if they adopt a holistic treatment plan, one which includes all of the protocols we use.

Each protocol is vital to complete remission.

The more chemotherapy you have had, the more difficult it will be to recover simply because chemotherapy damages the immune system and complete remission in this stage can ONLY be accomplished by activating and supporting the immune system.

When the immune system is severely damaged we have to go to greater lengths to support it.

We can use GM-CSF but only after the immune system is taught to recognize the cancer, and this can only be done with photodynamic therapy.We can also use a particular vaccine and other meds.

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