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Reverse Proxy Login


The ANU reverse proxy system allows ANU students, employees and affiliates to view ANU internal web sites, as well as databases and electronic journals subscribed to by the ANU Library, from off campus.

You can use this service through ANY ISP. All you need is a connection to the Internet, your UniID and password. Instructions on login and problem resolution appear below. Note that you may select a shortcut to your destination before clicking on the login button.

Your UniID:
Your password:

  Shortcuts to common startpoints:


The UniID and Password

  • For students your UniID is the lower-case letter 'u' followed by your seven-digit student number. The password is the PAC assigned to the student on enrolment, unless the password has since been changed.
  • For employees your UniID is the lower-case letter 'u' followed by your seven-digit employee number. The password is the same one used for logging in to Horus.
  • Affiliates will have been advised of their UniID by their local support staff. The password is the one used to access the mail server.

Resolving problems

  • Students with problems with their UniID or password should go to AskANU
  • Employees and affiliates should refer login problems to their local support staff (LITSS).
  • Problems accessing individual electronic journals and databases should be mailed to
  • If you are unable to access an internal ANU site through the menu page try going via the ANU Internal Jump Point above.
  • Other problems with the reverse proxy service should be reported, in detail, to