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The subject of this website is alternative cancer therapy, but on other pages we focus on alternative cancer therapy in general. On this page we will talk about cancer therapy that really works, and top on the list is photodynamic cancer therapy.

But first let me address the value of conventional cancer therapy.

After almost 40 years as a cancer researcher, Dr. Jones found, for example, that survival in breast cancer is 4 times longer without conventional treatment. he stated, "People who refused treatment lived for an average of 12-1/2 years. Those who accepted other kinds of treatment lived an average of only 3 years. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, radical surgery on cancer patients does more harm than good." (The Naked Empress, Hans Reusch, p. 74)

Extracted from this link. Do your own research, Google it.

Cancer therapy using alternative photodynamic therapy should be used with other forms of alternative cancer therapy.

We include all the following support mechanisms in our alternative therapy protocol.

  • Sonopheresis alternative cancer therapy (caution, this is not to be confused with the so-called sonophotodynamic cancer therapy used by a group who has NO idea what they are doing. Sonophotodynamic cancer therapy as they use it is worthless)
  • Diet cancer therapy. On it's own diet alternative cancer therapy can NOT cure cancer, no matter what anyone says but it is a helpful adjunct to photodynamic alternative cancer therapy.
  • Vitamin cancer therapy. Like diet cancer therapy this can NOT cure cancer but it can be helpful and should be used as an addition to any alternative cancer therapy IF you know exactly what and how much to use.
  • Herbal alternative cancer therapy. Based on our accurate testing, 97% of the "herbal remedies" recommended for alternative cancer therapy are worthless, but there are a few that are valuable and we use them in our alternative cancer therapy.
  • Enzyme cancer therapy. Enzyme cancer therapy is useful if it is done correctly, but most of the enzyme alternative cancer therapy offered is not effective because they don't have the right support mechanisms.
  • Hyperthermia cancer therapy. Hyperthermia alternative cancer therapy has been studied for decades. I was involved with the very earliest WHOLE BODY hyperthermia cancer therapy in the 1960's, and I can guarantee it does not work, can NOT kill cancer without killing the patient. This attempt at alternative cancer therapy was carried out in Sweden, the idea being that cancer would die at one degree lower themperature than normal cells. They went to extremes, controlling even the temperature and humidity of the air inhaled and found that it is IMPOSSIBLE to do, the patient dies first.
  • If anyone is using whole body hyperthermia as an alternative cancer therapy, avoid them like the plague because they have NO idea what they are doing. Hyperthermia cancer therapy requires very specific drugs and laser wavelengths. This can not be done with most alternative cancer therapy because they do not have the right equipment. We can make it work and have been using it for our final stage for many years now.

Now, lets discuss what KIND of photodynamic alternative cancer therapy works! Believe me they are not all the same and some are totally worthless. To make an intelligent decision about photodynamic alternative cancer therapy you have to learn a couple of basic facts.

Photodynamic alternative cancer therapy requires a chemical which goes into the cancer called a photosensitizer. First generation sensitizers are now conventional therapy, not alternative cancer therapy. They are used in the USA for esophageal cancer therapy, early lung cancer therapy and skin cancer therapy. They include photofrin, protoporphyrin IX and ALA. Problem is, these go into normal tissue 33% as much as cancer tissue so it is not good for the healthy tissue. It also requires a month or two of complete light avoidance. By todays standards first generation photodynamic therapy is garbage. The light required for these only penetrates 5 mm into the body.

It did create awareness of photodynamic alternative cancer therapy and research started into photodynamic alternative cancer therapy looking for better cancer therapy photosensitizers. The next photosensitizer was chlorin e6. It was an improvement, but it is useful for photodynamic alternative cancer therapy ONLY if the cancer is on the surface of the body. Then they tried combining the second generation sensitizer with molecules to help it get into the cancer better and eventually got 6-8 times as much into cancer as went into healthy cells. These combined drugs are called third generation photosenstizers. They are still useful for photodynamic alternative cancer therapy ONLY when the tumors are on or very near the surface.

Many sensitizers have been designed for cancer therapy. The early cancer therapy drugs are trash in my opinion, but they persist because they have been approved for cancer therapy by the FDA.

The second and third generation photodyanamic alternative cancer therapy sensitizers are only slightly better. They are useful for surface cancers, but worthless for deep or metastatic cancer.

There is an interesting side story about alternative cancer therapy using photodynamic therapy. An enterprising man by the name of David Longman found out about photodynamic cancer therapy when the conventional doctors wanted to cut his daughers arm off to deal with osteosarcoma. In case you haven't found this out so far, surgery NEVER gives remission. Mr. Longman found someone who provided photodynamic alternative cancer therapy in England and had a successful treatment of his daughter.

Mr. Longman went on the warpath to get this approved by the national health service in England and after years of being attacked by the NHS and conventional doctors he finally succeeded. So now that photodynamic cancer therapy is approved in England, what happened? Gee, no surprise the NHS grabbed it off of Mr. Longman, reduced his site to a charity donation site and put up an "authoritative" site claiming their total control of the "only licensed and approved" photodynamic cancer therapy in the world.

It's quite funny actually, you go there and you see a man clad in surgical garb with very official looking magnifying glasses and a laser. This ham is an actor and has never been in a surgical suite unless it was to have hemorroides removed. After stating their claim to the ONLY licensed approved photodynamic cancer therapy in the world they proceed to attack "unlicensed unapproved" providers.

Photodynamic cancer therapy in the UK So they attack two groups who are high profile, the Hope clinic selling something called sonophotodynamic cancer therapy and they also attack NextGen PDT, offering photodynamic cancer therapy with a modified from of Chlorin e6, a second generation photodyamic cancer therapy sensitizer.

Like most conventional medical sites, they flat out threaten you with the statement that if you go to anyone else you will die, because only they are "licensed". So let's examine their virulent attack. I have to admit that when it comes to the Hope clinic and their sonophotodynamic cancer therapy, I agree with them 100%.

I am intimately familiar with the equipment and medication offered by the Hope clinic, and I can tell you the only thing they will provide to any patient is Hope.. not results. On one of their sites they published the results of their 8 most successful patients, and NONE of them had remission. This is a tragic outcome. They do not even know what sensitizer they are using for photodynamic cancer therapy. They claim to be using Chlorin e6, but I have samples of their sensitizer from seven years ago, 5 years ago and last year and I can tell you they are wrong and I can prove it.

What the Hope clinic is using is absolute garbage, a protoporphyrin IX drug designed for treating hemachromatosis. They claim their sensitizer is activated by ultrasound, but that is just proof of their total ignorance. It is not physically possible, I provided proof to them of that but they still claim it.

Documentation that "sonophotodynamic" is garbage be very careful with these people, and especially watch out for anyplace calling themselves hope anything for cancer, because in the main what they offer is hope, no help will be forthcoming.

Ultrasound can be used to treat cancer and we use it as part of our protocol, but they are using the WRONG wavelength so theirs does not work and they are also unaware of the necessary drug that must be used with it. Hope clinic is worthless unless you just want to buy some hope without a working cancer therapy, avoid the hope clinic.

In regard to the NHS attack on NextGen pdt, it is funny because they are using essentially the same thing, Chlorin e6 only NextGen is SLIGHTLY better because they mixed it with something to help the selectivity. Bottom line is they are both using garbage, old worthless sensitizers only useful for photodynamic cancer therapy on the surface of the body, totally worthless for cancer therapy deep inside the body or therapy of metastatic cancer. From my point of view watching these two argue about the respective merits of essentially the same thing, when what both of them have is just about worthless for cancer therapy, is like watching two dogs fighting over a bone with no meat on it.

More importantly, I have treated patients who made the mistake of submitting to NextGen photodynamic therapy for cancer, and they were so badly damaged they could not be treated for months. One in particular has had two surgeries to repair the damage done by their protocol. They came to us because the NextGen treatment had not helped the cancer at all so they needed effective cancer therapy, but NextGen had destroyed large amounts of healthy tissue which made it almost impossible to treat them.

Now, let's talk about fourth generation sensitizers for photodynamic cancer therapy. You will never hear about them anyplace else, because we are the ONLY ones in the world using this advanced technology. The best way to improve photodynamic cancer therapy is to put the sensitizer into a nanoparticle. For detailed information on why and how this works, go to the nanotech link at the top of the page.

As I said before, photodynamic cancer therapy is the best alternative treatment option in the world, but it depends on what exact chemical they are using. Most photodynamic cancer therapy chemicals only allow a maximum of 2 - 3 cm penetration through healthy tissue and less than half a cm penetration into a tumor. Photodynamic cancer therapy providers who use the available chemicals always fail at deep (more than a fingers width) tumors or anything bigger than the tip of your little finger. In desparation they try to do cancer therapy using these chemicals by surgically implanting a light fiber into the tumor.

You can let them do that if you want, but I guarantee you that this form of cancer therapy will kill you. Years ago they ran a clinical trial on photodynamic prostate cancer therapy, and for the reasons discussed above they were forced to insert multiple light fibers into the prostate surgically. Within a year 40% of the patients had metastatic prostate cancer in the lymphatic system first, then the lungs, then the bones. As I have mentioned before, any cancer therapy that involves cutting, penetrating or removing cancer is a death sentence. The process is known as seeding and any good surgeon knows it happens, that is why they have a secret word for it because they are not going to admit it to you!

Take your time, look around our web site for details on the "impossible cures" we have achieved and see if anyone else can match them. They can not, it is simply not possible unless you are using a properly designed sensitizer in an ideal nanoparticle and we are the only ones in the world who have it.

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