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If you or a loved one have been recently diagnosed with cancer, you have my deepest sympathy. You have just entered a very confusing world of alternative treatments, based on complete ignorance and often on greed.

I lost both my father and my mother to this dreadful disease, which is in large part my motivation to find an answer. The last thing my mother said was "Honey, just promise me you won't stop until you find an answer for this thing that is killing me." Obviously your mothers last request is important, so I have dedicated my life to doing as she asked.

Wealthy corporations control the cancer industry, and indirectly control the hospitals and doctors providing cancer treatment. Alternative cancer treatment is their enemy and they go after it with a vengeance. They are quite vicious about attacking photodynamic therapy used as an alternative cancer treatment.

If you need treatment for cancer, you can bet your life (and indeed that is what you are betting) that a conventional doctor is going to recommend the high income cancer treatment, claiming that alternative cancer treatment is not as good as conventional treatment. If you ask about photodynamic therapy, they will almost always say all alternative cancer treatments are worthless, even if they don't know what photodynamic therapy is.

That is an outright lie. Alternative cancer treatment, if it is wisely selected, is more effective and less expensive than conventional cancer treatment. This fraud is costing many lives lost which could have been saved. Many of the patients who died with conventional cancer treatment could have been saved with photodynamic therapy.

I know, you have been led to believe that the doctors know everything and you should listen to them, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. When it comes to cancer treatment never believe anything without checking what the survival rates are. When you are offered chemo, remember this.. the best conventional cancer treatment has a 5 year survival average of about 2%. Photodynamic therapy often puts cancer into remission after conventional treatment has failed. I know this may be startling to you, but if you doubt it ask your physician to show you evidence with hard studies that show what the chances of long term (as in twenty years) survival is if you take the option of submitting to chemotherapy.

He, or she, will either change the subject, or say there is controversy about it. You are fighting for your life, so stick to your guns. Ask them point blank whether there is a hospital policy requiring them to submit every patient for chemotherapy, even when they know it won't be helpful and will cause the patient to suffer in agony before they eventually give in and die. The fact is every hospital has that policy and all doctors will lose their admitting rights if they don't follow it. If your oncologist denies it he/she is a liar.

I don't mean to depress you, but I have been doing this and watching this process for years with many patients and as hard as these things are to absorb, understanding the truth is your ONLY chance of beating this disease. If you have been brainwashed into believing that doctors know the answers and that you can trust your life to them, you have my deepest sympathy.

cancer treatment survival

Check it yourself if you want, the link is cancer survival statistics

There are many alternative cancer treatments. Some alternative treatments are only slightly effective, some are completely worthless, but the good alternative treatments are always more successful than conventional cancer treatments. Photodynamic therapy is certainly the top of alternative cancer treatments, but only if the doctor who uses it is wise and incorporates other alternative synergistic treatments, as Cytoluminator does.

chemo actually accelerates cancer growth.

Photodynamic Therapy

The fastest growing alternative cancer treatment is Photodynamic Therapy. This site discusses photodynamic therapy as it applies to alternative cancer treatment, but also as an alternative treatment for many other diseases.

How could such a powerful alternative treatment as photodynamic therapy exist without the entire world being aware of it? 

It's simple, cancer treatment is for most a very lucrative industry. Conventional doctors do not want alternative treatments because they are inexpensive, and photodynamic therapy treatment is a far less expensive alternative. Doctors almost always recommend treatment that makes them money, regardless of whether it is good for the patient.

You must be careful, not all photodynamic therapy is the same. Most types of photodynamic therapy are only useful for cancer treatment in the first millimeter or three of the body.

Very few photodynamic therapy techniques can actually treat deep or metastatic cancer, in fact the Cytoluminator equipment is the only I am aware of in the world that can treat metastatic cancer.

Photodynamic therapy can be a very effective alternative treatment, but be careful about who you deal with. Photodynamic therapy is being offered throughout the world, especially in China and Mexico, but when it comes to treating cancer their equipment and medications simply do not work except at the surface of the body.

If you have advanced cancer, or it has spread, or it is in the bones, or deep in the body or your cancer is large, the only photodynamic therapy you can depend on is Cytoluminator.

Other Alternative Cancer Treatments

If you or a loved have cancer, your first job is to decide what sort of treatment you want, and that's a big problem, because everybody, both conventional and alternative cancer treatment providers, like to think their cancer treatment is at least good if not the best.

Unfortunately that is simply not true. One thing I can tell you, and this can be verified by government sites, is that chemo radiation and surgery simply do not work for treating cancer. They are the worst cancer treatments you can get. This type of cancer treatment is promoted heavily by the drug industries and hospitals. Big hospital chains tell their doctors ALL cancer patients WILL get chemo, whether it works or not, simply because it is extremely profitable.

The only cancer treatment they every recommend is chemo for cancer, radiation for cancer or surgery for cancer. The five year survival with conventional cancer treatment is 2.1%. What kind of cancer treatment lets 97.9% of their patients die within five years?

I will tell you the same thing I would tell myself if I had cancer, alternative cancer treatment is your ONLY hope of long term survival and GOOD photodynamic therapy should always be included. I say GOOD because there are many types of photodynamic therapy, and most of them will not work on advanced cancer, but ours does.

If their sensitizer is not a nanoparticle, you can bet it is not very good. To my knowledge, Cytoluminator has the only nanoparticle sensitizer in the word, which makes our treatment very specific.

When someone gets cancer the doctor who diagnosed it will almost ALWAYS say the only cancer treatment is chemo radiation and surgery. They often have a nurse who calls patients repeatedly and INSISTS that they must come in to start chemo for their cancer treatment. They never admit that this form of cancer treatment has a 97% failure rate.

That leaves the new cancer patient in a horrible position, how do you sort out the alternative treatments for cancer and decide which one to trust your life to? Most new cancer patients have never read any scientific papers on cancer. You must find someone to trust to select the best alternative cancer treatment.

I have been studying this 60 hours a week for 9 years now and have read over 30,000 scientific papers on cancer treatment, both conventional cancer treatment and alternative cancer treatment.

While many of the cancer treatment scientific studies I focused on were about Photodynamic Therapy, I am fully aware that cancer treatment must consider the full body so I have examined every known alternative cancer treatment in the world, and have fully informed opinions on every form of alternative cancer treatment which exists, from diet to exercise to meditation to vitamins to herbs and every alternative cancer treatment in between.

I can tell you what works, what works a little bit, what alternative cancer treatment is really good, and what is less effective or dead wrong, and I can prove it with a wealth of scientific studies on cancer. I am sharing information about cancer diets, cancer treatment fads, completely wrong theories on cancer treatment, cancer and vitamins, herbal cancer treatment, and we will discuss what really works and why.

Diet as an Alternative Cancer Treatment

A very common recommendation for cancer treatment is to change your diet. There are many alternative theories about this, and while some are slightly helpful in controlling the growth rate of cancer most are worthless. I personally knew someone who was convinced by an alternative cancer treatment "expert" that if she ate nothing but dried broccoli she would not die of cancer. This alternative diet destroyed her joy of life as she was a good cook and loved food. In the end she did not die of cancer, she died of starvation. I don't consider that a successful alternative treatment.

Can you control cancer with diet at all? Well, you can slow it down but the cost is high, not financially but physically. Of all of the alternative cancer treatments around, diet ranks low in my expectations. There are two diets, Budwig and Gerson, promoted as an alternative cancer treatment. The theory behind them is that you can starve cancer by not providing sugar, so they put you on a high protein high fat zero carbs zero sugar diet. Does this alternative actually work in treating cancer? Yes and no.. it can slow down the growth rate of cancer, but as an alternative diet this treatment is hard on the body. These are what you call ketogenic diets, because they generate ketones. Unfortunately this results in ketoacidosis, which is potentially life threatening. Can you survive cancer long term using this treatment? Only if it is very very early stage and everything else is perfect, but in general the answer is no.

The China study was promoted by a hardcore vegan, and in it the author damned animal protein, claiming it caused cancer. The entire study was gutted by a proper analysis done by Denise Minger. You can find her excellent erudite observations here.

If you have been suckered into believing that soy and vegies will cure your cancer, read all of the above link before your mistake kills you.

The following is a very short quote from Denise Minger, you need to read it until you get it through your head that animal protein actually protects us from cancer.

Notice Campbell cites a chain of three variables: Cancer associates with cholesterol, cholesterol associates with animal protein, and therefore we infer that animal protein associates with cancer. Or from another angle: Cancer associates with cholesterol, cholesterol negatively associates with plant protein, and therefore we infer plant protein protects against cancer.

But when we actually track down the direct correlation between animal protein and cancer, there is no statistically significant positive trend. None.

Looking directly at animal protein intake, we have the following correlations with cancers:

Lymphoma: -18
Penis cancer: -16
Rectal cancer: -12
Bladder cancer: -9
Colorectal cancer: -8
Leukemia: -5
Nasopharyngeal: -4
Cervix cancer: -4
Colon cancer: -3
Liver cancer: -3
Oesophageal cancer: +2
Brain cancer: +5
Breast cancer: +12

Most are negative, but none even reach statistical significance. In other words, the only way Campbell could indict animal protein is by throwing a third variable—cholesterol—into the mix. If animal protein were the real cause of these diseases, Campbell should be able to cite a direct correlation between cancer and animal protein consumption, which would show that people eating more animal protein did in fact get more cancer.

But what about plant protein? Since plant protein correlates negatively with plasma cholesterol, does that mean plant protein correlates with lower cancer risk? Let’s take a look at the cancer correlations with “plant protein intake”:

Nasopharyngeal cancer: -40**
Brain cancer: -15
Liver cancer: -14
Penis cancer: -4
Lymphoma: -4
Bladder cancer: -3
Breast cancer: +1
Stomach cancer: +10
Rectal cancer: +12
Cervix cancer: +12
Colon cancer: +13
Leukemia: +15
Oesophageal cancer +18
Colorectal cancer: +19

We have one statistically significant correlation with a rare cancer not linked to diet (nasopharyngeal cancer), but we also have more positive correlations than we saw with animal protein.

In fact, when we look solely at the variable “death from all cancers,” the association with plant protein is +12. With animal protein, it’s only +3. So why is Campbell linking animal protein to cancer, yet implying plant protein is protective against it?

Sorry, bottom line is vegies cause cancer, meat does not!


Before you consider modifying your diet, even on the advice of an "expert" read this article about diet. When you read this PAY ATTENTION AND LEARN! There are more stupid myths about diet than there are about cancer, and 99% of everything you think you know is dead wrong. The author of the above link finally has it right and you NEED to learn from her.

An excerpt from the article listed above

Nutritionist Says: “Low Carb Diets Are Unhealthy”

Angry Man Holding a Knife and Meat

Answer: This is simply not true. Since the year 2002, low-carb diets have been studied extensively and over 20 randomized controlled trials have been conducted.

They consistently lead to much better health outcomes than the typical low-fat diet. They cause more weight loss and improve all major risk factors for disease, including triglycerides, HDL and blood sugar levels.

There is an alternative cancer treatment center just south of Sydney Australia. They treat hundreds of patients a year there. I personally knew two patients who had alternative cancer treatment there, and they were constantly talking about going to a funeral of another person who had received the same alternative treatment for cancer. They both died within a couple of years.

I talked to the people who provide this treatment for cancer and asked them what their survival rate was. They said they had no idea. I find that hard to believe, as they were notified at the time of death of each of their patients. When I confronted them with the names of patients I knew who had died of cancer after taking their treatment, they hung up on me.

Bottom line is if you are early stage cancer and generally very fit, you can cautiously use one of the two diets I mentioned, but do NOT expect it to help you survive cancer long term. While you use it to slow down the growth of the cancer, concentrate all of your energy on researching other alternatives.

When a person is receiving treatment for cancer, diet is actually important, but not a way to save your life. Each person needs different diets and while some foods actually are helpful in slowing cancer down, NO food or combination of food will cure you of cancer. You need other alternative treatments.

You may have heard that beet root and asparagus among other foods are helpful for cancer treatment. Yes, they are good for preventing cancer and maybe even slowing it down. Can they cure cancer? Absolutely not, not even in huge doses applied directly to the cancer. They must be used as part of an complex of alternative cancer treatment modalities. They may contribute up to 5% of the total control of cancer, but for heavens sake do NOT try to treat your cancer with just food.

These are not just my personal opinions these things have been studied by applying them directly to cancer in the labs at doses a hundred times higher than you could possibly eat, and while the cancer growth does slow down it never kills the cancer on it's own.


Vitamin C as an alternative cancer treatment

Few alternative cancer treatment theories make me as angry as the absolutely WRONG theory that vitamin C can treat cancer. It absolutely can NOT, as a cancer treatment Vitamin C is worthless. If you have been told otherwise, please read the disclosure before you make a terrible mistake choosing this for cancer treatment.

Vitamin C Disclosure

Now, having said that and vented about the stupid use of vitamin C for cancer, let me say that Vitamin C is a very valuable health adjunct. Leaving cancer out of the picture, let's talk about what it IS good for.

I don't care about the "this doesn't work" studies, I base my opinions on facts and personal testing and I swear by Vit C for dealing with viruses. When I have a cold coming on I put a couple of tablespoons of powdered vitamin C in a liter of orange juice and drink it all the first day. Symptoms are gone or very minimal the next day and I know myself well enough to know that without it I would be suffering for 5 days or more.

Vitamin C is also apparently helpful in recovering from the massive destruction patients have if they get suckered into taking chemo therapy. I do not have direct proof of this, but the studies which support it are very well done studies by competent researchers.

There was also a stunning study done in Japan. After Fukushima melted down they sent workers in to try to contain it, and they told them they would most likely die. Someone managed to pretreat half of them with big doses of vitamin C. During the follow up they determined that the untreated workers had substantial DNA damage but the Vit C recipients did not. More amazingly, they treated those who were already damaged by radiation with Vit C and the DNA damage reversed.

So I don't underestimate vitamin c, but I can guarantee you if you rely on it for cancer treatment you will die. Please consider this very carefully, if anyone recommends it demand proof of actual remissions and a percentage of remissions vs death.

I have spent years studying all of the reports (actual studies with scans to verify results) regarding Vitamin C, aka acorbic acid, ascorbate of AA, on it's own and in conjunction with other treatments. The study that sums it up best is here. As they say, most all effective anticancer treatment relies on oxidation, and as an antioxidant ascorbate interferes with that. This is crucial and undeniable information. You will see comments that Vitamin C is PROoxidant above certain dosage levels, but what they don't tell you is it is impossible to maintain those dose levels inside the human body.

Vitamin C is extremely water soluble, and as such does not penetrate the phospholipid cell membranes, it is just floating around in the intravascular (inside blood vessels) and interstitial (betwen cells) liquids, so it is eliminated in minutes by the kidneys. In order to reach the prooxidant levels you have to be hooked up to an IV drip, and even then you only maintain those levels when it is actually running in. Within minutes of the needle coming out the levels in the body drop to the antioxidant levels, so the cancer is protected by it 95% of the time.

Out of all of the studies on cancer therapy and vitamin C, in at least 90% the vitamin C protected the cancer and in the other 10% of the studies in my opinion nearly all were poorly executed experiments with inadequate documentation.

Do as you wish, but patients undertaking treatment with us are absolutely forbidden to use Vitamin C during treatment.

Cesium Chloride

This is touted as the ultimate high pH supplement. High pH is another word for alkalizing and in general alkalizing is required for any alternative treatment to work. The problem is alkalizing must be done with balanced electrolytes. There are advocates of the Barefoot coral calcium protocol for alternative cancer treatment but it simply does not work. It is true that if you lay a cancer specimen on a bed of calcium it will retard the growth. It is also true if you increase the oxygen it will retard the growth, but ask anyone in a research lab, these things do NOT kill the cancer, they just slow it down.

If you administer any mineral or electrolyte without keeping it in balance the patient can die. Even the famous baking soda alternative cancer treatment can create an imbalance between sodium and potassium, and this can stop the heart.

Cesium chloride it the most dangerous of the alkalizing protocols for alternative cancer treatment.

Read this! When you read it pay close attention, this is just one of hundreds. I personally am aware of at least 15 people who have died using this protocol, but I am not aware of a single remission from it. I think anyone who uses this for cancer treatment is playing Russian roulette.

Antioxidants vs Alkalinity

Alternative cancer treatment with Antioxidants is absolute rubbish! I don't care what anyone says, if they disagree they are just uneducated and should learn before they speak. There are two competing diametrically opposed theories about alternative cancer treatment, one is based on alkalinity and the other alternative treatment claims that antioxidants are the best alternative cancer treatment. So which one do you believe? If you had even high school chemistry this will be easy, but if you forgot all your chemistry it will still be clear after you read a bit.

Before you get excited about your pet antioxidant theory being challenged, Google it and learn. Start here! You want to argue with a Nobel Prize winning expert?

This is simple, acidity is the excess of hydrogen, which always results in a low level of oxygen. Now THINK ABOUT IT! The converse is true, antioxidants remove oxygen, which leaves an excess of hydrogen, which makes the body acidic! Want to make a normal cell turn into cancer? Just make the environment acidic, or cut off the oxygen (it's the same thing, get it?). We have known that for years and anyone who does lab work knows if you want to grow cancer faster, you just turn down the oxygen. Do you want an alternative cancer treatment that turns down the oxygen? I certainly don't and I would not recommend it to my family friends or patients. I want them all to survive!

How this effects alternative cancer treatment theories is simple. Antioxidants do what their name implies, they remove oxygen from your body. Your body does not want the oxygen removed, if you disagree put your hand over your mouth and nose for say five minutes and see what your body thinks of it! Your body does NOT want antioxidants in the blood, it makes the only antioxidant it needs (glutathione) and puts it in the cell membrane, the only place it should be.

If you are looking for an effective alternative cancer treatment, look at alkalinity and forget antioxidants. Oxygen is what kills cancer, antioxidants remove the oxygen and cancer thrives in that situation.

What the ignorant people who recommend antioxidants as an alternative cancer treatment are missing, is cancer already has 3.5 times as much antioxidants as normal cells to protect itself from oxidation. Everything that kills cancer fast relies on oxygen as the main factor which must be activated into singlet oxygen.

Another link to educate yourself on antioxidants and how they backfire



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