Alternative Cancer Treatment with Photodynamic Therapy

cancer remission alternative therapy

We normally refuse to give out information about patients, as it is their privacy at stake. Please do not ask for contact information for patients, we will not give that out.

If a patient goes public, we are happpy to share that information.

The picture to the left is one of our patients who was featured in a news paper in australia.

Her condition was considered incurable but she is alive and well years after treatment.

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Compared to conventional chemo surgery and radiation treatment, photodynamic therapy is far gentler and more effective. It produces results you simply can not get with conventional treatment with virtually zero side effects.

Surgical Removal of Lymph Nodes is Unecessary lymphatic metastases

When cancer is not present in lymph nodes, no fluorescence is seen.  When cancer is present, photodynamic fluoresences is very obvious.  This is a far more specific means of testing than any conventional medicine can mange.

Surgical removal of lymph nodes is not necessary and may spread the cancer, plus it has lifelong side effects.  A few minutes of laser will resolve this condition.

Lymphatic Involvement Details Poster

Bone Cancer is Not a Death Sentence bone cancer treatment

Bone Cancer Details Poster

Brain Metastases Can be Treated with PDT

Bone cancer does not respond to chemo, and radiation at best provides temporary relief at the cost of causing secondary cancer later.  PDT treats bone cancer very effectively, and it is safe to use in the spine and skull as neurons do not absorb our sensitizer.

brain mets

Brain metastases of any kind of cancer are difficult or impossible to treat with chemo or radiation. The scans above were from a patient with over 200 lung cancer tumors in his brain.  The remaining bright spots on the right were healing flares, the immune system cleaning up the remaining cancer.  This patient had enduring complete remission shown after multiple follow up CT scans.

An Impossible Remission of Lung Cancerlung cancer remission

Conventional treatment failed in this lung cancer patient.  After several courses of chemotherapy and radiation, he was given up as a lost case and told he had weeks to life. 

In the post treatment scan on the right, the llung has not completely expanded, but is free of cancer.  This patient had complete enduring remission as verified by multiple follow up CT scans.

Most of our patients have either complete or partial remission. Partial remission means a reduction of 50% or more of tumor mass. In the patients with partial remission, if their immune system is intact there is ongoing reduction of remaining tumor mass over an extended period of time even without further treatment, but the immune system may not be able to comletely eliminate all cancer without subsequent re-treatment.

We are introducing new protocols to elevate and sustain the immune response and the success of treatment.

Even when we achieve complete remission, it is apparently possible to contract a NEW type of cancer.  The immune system only protects against the type of cancer that is treated with PDT.

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