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Treating colon Cancer with Photodynamic Therapy

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There is much written about prevention of colon cancer. Obviously the chances of colon cancer are less if toxic waste is removed, so a high fiber diet helps avoid colon cancer. As with the prevention techniques for other cancers, what reduces the risk of colon cancer does NOT aid in alleviating the disorder once colon cancer has started. colon cancer, like most cancers does not respond to chemo, surgery just spreads it, and radiation for colon cancer inevitably fails but originates other cancers in the area. Alternative treatment of colon cancer is best achieved by the proper adjuvants ( we use between eight and twelve depending on patient condition ) and as with all cancers, photodynamic therapy is necessary to train the immune system to attack colon cancer.

One of the limitations of Photodynamic Therapy alternative colon cancer therapy is light penetration. You have get light to the cancer. Obviously when it comes to colon cancer this could be problematic, but we use a special rectal probe that gets the light to the cancer in the colon.

Does colon cancer respond to Photodynamic Therapy as an alternative colon cancer treatment? Yes it does, we have treated several patients with photodynamic alternative colon cancer therapy and in the majority of cases got complete remission. colon cancer therapy arms the immune system well when the colon cancer is destroyed with photodynamic therapy.

The treatment of colon cancer with Photodynamic Therapy is simple. First a sensitizer is infused intravenously. Twenty four hours later a laser probe is inserted into the rectum. This is a medium power photodynamic therapy laser, not concentrated enough to do damage. The sensitizer concentrates inside the colon cancer tumor so when light hits it, the sensitizer generates singlet oxygen inside the tumor, and in the case of our sensitizer we also make hydrogen peroxide and phosgene gas, toxic to the colon cancer cells.

We can only do this when the colon cancer has not penetrated the wall of the colon, otherwise it could leave a hole in the colon. So in the case of cancer that penetrates the colon wall, surgical intervention is required before alternative treatment is started, and many surgeons refuse to operate on cancer tissue.

We treated one patient who had colon cancer metastasized from linitus plasticus in the stomach. Her colon had a substantial tumor in it, so they had surgically subtended the colon, while preserving blood flow to the colon. She had a colostomy bag but was still fighting to beat the colon cancer, so she came to us for photodynamic therapy. We treated the colon cancer with photodynamic alternative colon cancer therapy, and also treated part of the abdomen that had metastatic colon cancer.

Four days after initiating photodynamic alternative treatment for the colon cancer she passed a dissolved colon tumor mass through the rectum. The doctors refused to believe the colon cancer had been resolved so they forced several colon cancer tests over months. Eventually they had to admit that the colon cancer was gone so they reversed the surgery and removed the colostomy bag.

Most colon cancer responds well to photodynamic therapy, but again ONLY if the right sensitizer is used. It MUST be activated at 685 to 695 nanometers, must be in a nanoparticle and cannot be any sort of chlorin or ALA or other photosensitizer. There is only one photodynamic therapy sensitizer in the world that can treat this successfully, and that is ours.

We treated another patient who had colon cancer which they had surgically removed. As always happens after the surgery the colon cancer spread like wildfire, it was all over inside the wall of the abdomen, in the liver, in the intestines and if I remember right it was also in the lungs.

We used photodynamic therapy for the colon cancer therapy and got very rapid remission of all symptoms. That patient was tested repeatedly for many months and finally they had to admit that the photodynamic therapy had eliminated the colon cancer, except they said there was a "suspicious mass" in the liver. They scanned it over and over, sometime it would increase by 10% over a few months and then it would decrease, so if it was colon cancer it wasn't going anywhere, the immune system had it under control.

Nonetheless, being conventional doctors, they decided it would be a good idea to cut it out. Because her immune system had been armed against colon cancer by the photodynamic therapy she survived the surgery without metastatic colon cancer coming up again.

She was still alive last time we checked, six years after photodynamic therapy for colon cancer. Not bad, given that the hospital and cut poisoned and burned her for months before they told her she was going to die in a few months. Once again, conventional treatment for colon cancer was a horrendous failure with massive trauma, but the photodynamic therapy for colon cancer saved the day at the last minute.

Photodynamic therapy is the best alternative for colon cancer I am aware of, but as with all cancers colon cancer should be treated with other alternative treatments as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

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