Fundraising expert wanted

We have a very effective treatment for essentially all disease from bacteria to virus to autoimmune to cancer.

We can save many people

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Unfortunately, many people can not afford treatment. We do free treatment as much as we can, but are running out of money.

Need Fund raising expert!


Are you experienced in fund raising? If so we need you desperately to save lives with our cancer treatment system.

Our treatment is not expensive, we keep it as cheap as possible so we can treat as many people as possible.

The problem is, without a fund raising expert, we are going to come to a halt soon.

Crowdfunding or online fund raising might help to save hundreds of lives, but unfortunately we do not have the contacts to be effective at this without help form a fundraising expert.

If you are experienced in fund raising, especially online or crowdfunding, we need your help. We require someone who is willing to work on a commission or percentage as funds are not available for a "consultant".

We need a hands on fund raiser.

If you are an experienced fund raiser who is interested in this sort of project, please email me with the link above.




For an alternative view on the cause of cancer, click here
If you are doing research there are over 1,000 technical papers here
For a link to videos visit