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A great deal or attention has been paid to the question of why is the immune system not fighting against cancer. According to recent theory, it is because the immune system is actually the cause of the cancer.

Whether you believe in this theory or not, the fact is trillions of dollars have been spent on trying to support the immune system and it does not have any effect unless the immune system has been educated about the problem.

So how is this done? There are groups who surgically remove a tumor sample from patients and try to use it to create a vaccine, something to alert the immune system to go after it. Whether it IS the immune system causing it or not makes no difference. The immune system is quite capable of attacking itself if it decides something is wrong.

There are problems with this technique.. first, in my opinion only an idiot penetrates a tumor in any way, for biopsies or samples or removal any cutting in or around a tumor only spreads it. The second problem with the techinique is how do you turn the sample into a vaccine?

The nature of a vaccine is to present the immune system with each bit of the rna, or dna in the case of a virus, so the immune system can recognize it.

The problem is disassembling the rna so each piece is separate but not destroyed. They try to do this with heat, radiation or UV usually, each of which is less than perfect.

PDT does a perfect disassembly of the RNA.

The third problem is that, as a cancer grows it mutates. So the people trying to make a vaccine from tumor samples may be only presenting the immune system with a small percentage of the varieties present. PDT on the other hand can treat the whole tumor, or multiple tumors.

This has been said elsewhere, but it bears repeating!

Among the cancer and PDT researchers I studied was a Mr. Hamblin, who at that time was at Harvard University. He was kind enough to share everything he knew and to tell me what needed to be done that nobody had been able to do.

Later I was talking with Mr. Hamblin, and he said something I will never forget.  "It's a bit early to talk about this, but it seems that PDT when done properly can create a permanent immunity to cancer".  Imagine how that felt to hear that!  I told my partner if it was true I would dedicate the rest of my life to developing this immunity to cancer treatment.

Eventually I found a study from South America where they took mice and injected cancer into both thighs and killed the tumor on one side with PDT.  To their amazement, the tumor on the other side disappeared a few days later.  They didn't know what had happened, so they decided to repeat the experiment.  They injected cancer on both sides of 12 mice and waited, and waited and waited.. nothing grew! They tried 3 times on all mice, and they could not get cancer cells to grow.

So this is the focus of everything we do. First, we kill the main part of the cancer in a special way that alerts the immune system to the cancer as an enemy.  Second, we support the immune system with a holistic variety of vitamins, special alkalizer compounds and several phytochemicals ( a fancy word for plant extracts ).  Third, disable the cancers ability to make food using a very advanced non-toxic chemical and disable cancers ability to resist the immune system.

In my opinion, there is only one way in the world to get long term survival with cancer, and that is to activate the immune system against the cancer so your immune system hunts down every last cell and destroys them.

Creating a perfect cancer vaccine inside the body!

Research on "Cancer Vaccines" has been going on for decades with little to show for it. In recent years the effort has switched to personalized vaccines created for each individual patient by removing part of the tumor and presenting it to antigen presenting cell, usually dendrites. I have seen these vaccines slow down progression, but to date they have not produced a workable vaccine to reliably give complete remission.

When you use PDT properly, it creates an "in situ" vaccination which does stimulate the patients immune system to attack the cancer. This does not happen with all sensitizers.  We created our sensitizer to give the maximum immune response.

We believe this is a vital part of fighting cancer, because it makes the patient immune to recurrence once the main cancer is under control. The main body of cancer must be reduced to a minimum size before the immune system can gain control, simply because Cancer has ways of resisting the immune system. We accomplish that with a variety of treatments, of which PDT is the major component.

We cannot guarantee that all patients will have an excellent immune response, because individuals may have immune system defects or immune suppression, especially if they have been on chemo.

However, we are constantly improving our protocol and are currently adding a new drug which has given 5 year survival with glioblastoma multiforme, a very aggressive cancer that normally has only a 2-3 % survival at one year.  

We do know from several years of treating patients that MOST of our patients have an excellent ongoing immune response which continues to shrink tumors and provide protection against recurrence.

Some of the key points of tumour resistance to the immune system have been identified, and there are antibodies which disable this resistance.  We use a herb which containing withaferin, a potent chemical that disables the cytokines which allow cancer to evade the immune system. This is currently under phase one clinical trials for osteosarcom and is very effective.

Nearly all of our cancer patients have continuing shrinkage of remaining tumours for months and a large percentage have complete remission and are permanently immune to the cancer they had.


These papers are on the use of PDT to create an enduring immune response to cancer via in-situ vaccination.

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hamblin on immune re..> characteristics-comp..> contribution-myeloid..>
We did a test on a patient with a breast tumour to see if we could create an immune response and it was successful, according to the lab report which is included below. This indicates the immune system was attacking the cancer and the cancer cells were not multiplying as fast as they had been.

Clinical Notes:  Photodynamic therapy only.

Sections show a core of breast parenchyma in which there is an infiltrating ductal carcinoma of no special type.  There is no attempt at ductal formation.  The nuclei are enlarged and pleomorphic.  Nucleioli are prominant in some cells.

Mitotic figures are present but are relatively few.  The tumour is infiltrate by a lymphoid population.  There are luge number of lymphocytes and scatter plasma cells but no macrophages or neutrophils are demonstrated.  Apoptosis is minimal.

In this sample no tumour is seen within vascular spaces or in a perinaural distribution.

This is a grade 2 ductal carcinoma because of the paucity of mitotic figures The heavy immunological response may be a response to therapy but there is little necrosis.


Notes:  The protocol which preceded this biopsy was designed specifically to reduce mitotic activity and induce an immunological response.

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