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If considering treatment for leukemia, before you submit to chemotherapy ask the oncologist to show you scientific papers that give the long term leukemia survival statistics for the treatment they are recommending. Tell them you will not submit without seeing at least 3 independent papers.

They will either refuse or try to threaten you if you don't submit, but do not give in. The fact is, leukemia treatment with chemotherapy is a failure which involves a lot of suffering and practically zero chance of long term leukemia survival.

Holistic leukemia treatments combined with photodynamic therapy are far better than chemo, provide very rapid leukemia remission and alternative treatment involves NO suffering or damage to the body.

Leukemia is a form of cancer which responds better to alternative treatment than conventional treatment. Leukemia is a particularly nasty form of cancer, if for no other reason than that young children are often victims of leukemia. Conventional leukemia treatment involves months of chemo and destroys the life of patients. They often get partial remission of the leukemia but then they insist on " consolidation chemotherapy " to put the leukemia into full remission. Even when they put the leukemia into remission, within months or at the most a couple of years the patient gets ill and the diagnosis is leukemia.

Unfortunately, the sad part is that leukemia almost always wins out in the end against conventional treatment. Chemotherapy can not control leukemia. The leukemia cells develop resistance to chemotherapy after the first use and then the leukemia is immune to chemo.

If your oncologist is recommending multiple chemotherapy cycles of the same chemical, they do not know what they are doing because Leukemia never responds to a second treatment with the same chemical. If that is happening it is time to look for holistic treatment for the leukemia. In my opinion you should start holistic therapy from the beginning.

There are many alternatives which people resort to but most of them have little hope of beating the leukemia. One alternative, photodynamic therapy, when used with other alternatives is very effective.

leukemia treated with chemo

leukemia treated with pdt

He was getting six transfusions a week to just keep him alive and had no immune resistance, but when we started treating him he had an immediate remission and never had another transfusion or chemo. This photo was one year after treatment, on the day he made the winning basket for his school basketball team.

What a change, he went from dying to being a basketball star!

This is the result of 2 years of chemotherapy. This young man was dying from leukemia and chemo. His immune system was destroyed and he had no energy. You can not treat leukemia with chemo. Any honest oncologist will tell you they might get temporary remission, but your child will eventually die of leukemia when it is treated with chemo.

That's not to say that leukemia can't be beaten. After all, it is just cancer and any form of cancer responds to photo-dynamic therapy. When proper foods, vitamins and other alternatives are included, Leukemia takes about 3 days to put into remission using our form of treatment. Leukemia is easy to diagnose with inexpensive blood tests, so we can track the development and remission of leukemia on an every other day basis after we initiate photodynamic therapy with other alternative treatments.

Holistic treatment for leukemia is always your best option. You may see some help with a juiced papaya drink. It is very bitter, but mixed with lemon and honey tastes like grapefruit juice. Leukemia almost always causes platelets to drop and the papaya leaf extract elevates patelets rapidly. In one of our leukemia patients he was getting frequent transfusions, but even before we put the leukemia into remission he never had another transfusion after we started our photodynamic therapy for leukemia combined with other alternative treatments. Always look for holistic leukemia treatment. Conventional therapy is a lose lose proposition, but alternative leukemia treatment can extend life without the agony of chemo.

There are two forms of leukemia, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and CLL Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Both forms respond to alternative photodynamic therapy for leukemia in combination with other alternative treatments.

This year we treated a young man with ALL. His Leukemia was quite advanced and they had been forcing chemotherapy for months while the Leukemia raged on and the patient went downhill. Because Leukemia damages blood, he was receiving transfusions every other day to replace the platelets which the Leukemia destroyed and to replace the white blood cells and red blood cells destroyed by the chemotherapy. He was weak, underweight, wearing a mask daily to protect from infections, unable to go to school or enjoy life. Leukemia wasn't leaving him much of a life except trying to live with leukemia.

After we took over treatment with photodynamic therapy for leukemia, he never had another infusion, within days he was gaining weight and bouncing on his bed and dancing, went back to school and scored the winning basket in a tournament. Photodynamic therapy was a good alternative, it stopped the leukemia and gave him his life back.

Conventional leukemia therapy was destroying this young man, but holistic treatment combined with photodynamic therapy restored his life and healed him rapidly. It is a good alternative for leukemia.

The following papers are in regard to the treatment of Leukemia with Photodynamic Therapy.  PDT has been extensively researched as an ex-vivo photopheresis technique for selective killing of leukemia cell lines as part of an autograft procedure. 

So they KNOW that PDT is more effective at killing leukemia cells than chemotherapy, it is proven over and over. The question then becomes why are they not using this INSTEAD of chemotherapy to treat leukemia in patients.

There are several factors, one is simply there is WAY more money in chemo than PDT.

To be fair there are practical factors too, basically they don't know how to do it and they don't have the right equipment.

In order to be successful at this you MUST have a sensitizer that is the right wavelength so the activating light will penetrate down to the leukemia cells certainly in the blood, and preferably in the submedullary hematopoetic system. (Whew, that's a mouth full isn't it? Basically it just means to the bone marrow which produces your blood cells.)

Most of this takes place in the manubrium, and we know we can get into that easily. The other practical problem is that most PDT operations, in addition to using the wrong sensitizer and the wrong color of light, also do not have enough light to treat the whole body.

We are currently using lights that are the equivalent of 72 watt lasers, at a wavelength that pentrates really well. So the bottom line is if you or someone you love has leukemia and you are tired of watching them be tortured and dying in front of your eyes, get to us as fast as you can and let us take over.

It is approved in the US.

For more information, go to our scientific papers section If you are doing research there are over 1,000 technical papers here

The above papers demonstrate the effectiveness of photodynamic therapy against several leukemia cell lines and the survival of normal leukocytes.  Obviously it would be difficult to purge leukemia from the entire submedullary hematopoietic system with transcutaneous illumination, but we can selectively kill leukemia at least in the outer layers of even the femur marrow.  This is enough to trigger the bodies immune response against the leukemia.

The following papers discuss the ability of photodynamic therapy to create in-situ vaccines which can, when the immune system is properly supported, result in cytotoxic NK cells targeting the cancer in question, including leukemia.   This would be our best possible outcome as it could in theory establish a permanent immune reaction to the leukemia cells.  This has not to my knowledge been done in leukemia by anyone other than us, but our response rate has been encouraging.

We have recently added something new to our protocol, it stops Leukemia in 24 hours, but we still use the photodynamic therapy and other adjuvants to be sure the patient develops an immunity to Leukemia, which keeps ot from returning later.


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