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Yes, it is possible to defeat even advanced metastatic small cell lung cancer, even if it is in the bones or brain.

Lung cancer is another cancer which responds well to alternative treatment with photodynamic therapy. Lung cancer often is metastatic going to the bones first, sometimes the liver and then the brain.

The picture to the right depicts stage one and stage two cancer.

There is no metastasis yet, and no lymphatic involvement.

This is considered to be contained to the lung, but realistically this is a ridiculous concept.

There are people in Germany identifying specific cancer types from cells harvested from blood samples.

As soon as cancer develops, it is already spread through the body.

This is why surgery NEVER stops lung cancer, by the time they remove one or two tumors it is already all over.

Lung cancer stage 2

This picture is stage four lung cancer diagnostic features.

The key difference is how far it has spread, but in fact no imaging exists which can detect the presence of the one single cell it takes in the bone, liver, brain, where ever it is, to start the next metastisis.

So the imaginary difference is based on the doctors ability to SEE the mets, which is limited in the best imaging to a size of at least 5 mm.

That is the size of a pea, and at that time it consists of millions, perhaps billions of cells which have been there for months, maybe years!

Each of those cells can be the foundation for the next metastisis.

stage four lung cancer

Metastatic lung cancer is treatable with photodynamic therapy, provided that the photodynamic therapy provider is using the right wavelength of light and the right sensitizer. Our sensitizer and laser have been able to remove lung cancer from bones, lung cancer from the brain and lung cancer in the spine.

The reason OUR Photodynamic Therapy works as well as it does in alternative lung cancer treatment has to do with the sensitizer we use, which requires 685 nm light. This allows our photodynamic therapy equipment to penetrate to the center of the lung, seeking out lung cancer and not harming normal lung tissues. Alternative treatment for lung cancer metastasized to the spine or the ribs is also easy to treat with our form of photodynamic therapy because the color of light we use in our alternative treatment penetrates bones. (Caution, other forms of photodynamic therapy can NOT treat lung cancer unless they insert a light fiber surgically into the cancer, and even then they can only treat one tumor at a time and can NOT treat metastatic cancer at all.)

Because our photodynamic therapy light penetrates bones, it is easy to go into the brain and treat lung cancer in the brain. We have treated patients with metastatic lung cancer in the brain with great success. One lung cancer patient was unable to walk when he came to us. He had lung cancer consuming all of one lung, lung cancer in his back, lung cancer in his ribs, lung cancer in his shoulder and a huge number of lung cancer tumors metastatic in his brain.

This patient had been on chemotherapy for months and had radiation, and after treatment he couldn't speak or walk unassisted, because the lung cancer was attacking the center of his brain. Seven days after starting our alternative treatment he DROVE A CAR to our place, jumped out and shouted up to us, fully in control of walking and speaking. The lung cancer was scanned over and over by oncologists who could not believe the alternative treatment had worked miracles, as they had told him we would be dead in 2 months.. The remaining lung cancer continued to shrink over successive scans and eventually he was declared cancer free.

When he came to us the oncologists had told him to get his affairs in order because the lung cancer would kill him within a couple of months. One month later his lung was clear of cancer, but the oncologists were concerned about spiculation in the lung, even though that is common after lung cancer is resolved because the lung cancer leaves behind calcium deposits. The lung cancer mets in the brain were resolved, in fact the symptoms were gone in 5 days and the lung cancer never returned to the brain. There was lung cancer in the bones, but we beat that as well.

We treated another patient with lung cancer using alternative treatment including photodynamic therapy a few weeks later. He did not have lung cancer mets in the brain, but the lung cancer was in the bones in a lytic form. Lytic lung cancer dissolves the bones, sclerotic lung cancer builds lumps on the bones. This patient wanted photodynamic therapy for the lung cancer in the bones because he was in great pain and had been told he only had weeks to live. Conventional treatment had failed, as it usually does so his only hope was alternative treatment with photodynamic therapy.

There was still a lung cancer tumor the size of his fist in the right upper lobe of the lung. We started the photodynamic therapy alternative treatment by covering the lung cancer in the bones throughout his ribs down the spine bones and right scapula and also treated the lung cancer tumor in the lung with the photodynamic therapy laser.

This patient was deep in cachexia, had not been eating properly for months and was down to skin and bones, but he bravely showed up for treatment daily for a full week at the end of which he was gaining weight, eating well and had no pain in the bones.

We waited to see what the scans showed and were quite pleased when they said the lung cancer tumor in the right lung was gone after just seven days of treatment.

A month went by after we stopped the photodynamic therapy and we got a message asking if he could have further treatment because he still had pain in one rib in the back, so we asked him to have a bone scan to see if there was still lung cancer active.

The result of the bone scan was negative, there was no lung cancer remaining so the photodynamic therapy had done the job, he just had pain while the rib was healing.

We have had excellent results with all lung cancer patients except for one, and we know why that didn't work. You may have heard that morphine accelerates cancer growth. If you have lung cancer and it goes into your bones the oncologist will probably offer morphine. It is well known and published in the most respected journal that morphine makes cancer grow like crazy, so we absolutely refuse to treat anyone for any cancer if they are taking morphine, and we tell them so before we take them on.

We had a patient a few years ago with lung cancer and he wanted alternative treatment with photodynamic therapy. His lung cancer was in the lungs, a small amount in a shoulder with several lung cancer mets in the brain. We had another lung cancer patient being treated at the same time who had at least 10 times as much lung cancer in his body and he was doing fine, going into remission and the lung cancer mets in his brain were disappearing in a few days.

Given that lung cancer patient A was proceeding so well, and given that lung cancer patient B was not doing well at all it was confusing. The patient that was not doing well was demanding extra laser time even though we told him that would make things worse, so he was sneaking into the treatment area and hiding with a laser spending hours pointing it into his head. Alternative treatment has a schedule, it is there for a reason. If you get too much laser in the beginning it reduces the chance of success, but lung cancer patient B thought he knew better than the ones who had been doing it for years.

Eventually we had to discharge the second patient because he was breaking the rules and he had already had more treatment than the lung cancer patient who was going into remission. They had the exact same type of lung cancer, about the same age and yet the second patient was not going into remission.

A month later I got a call from his wife begging us to go to another town, a special trip just for him because he was saying he was dying. So I went to see if I could help and the lung cancer was popping up under his skin all over. We treated him and the next day the lung cancer tumors we treated were gone, but for every one we destroyed two more lumps of lung cancer popped up someplace else.

On the third day he came in carrying a pump attached to a vein. I asked him what it was, he said it was his morphine pump. I told him that we had explained carefully you can NOT SURVIVE CANCER if you are on morphine, to which he responded "but I have pain!. His level of bone cancer was about 10% as bad as what I have seen in 65 year old women who were getting by on an aspirin a day.

There was absolutely no way to control the lung cancer. No alternative treatment for lung cancer can win against morphine. The moral of the story is if you are not going to follow the rules for any alternative treatment, don't even bother starting. The rules are there for a reason. Lung cancer can be controlled with alternative treatment with a very high success rate if you just follow the rules.

This is very important, no matter what kind of cancer you have, lung cancer, colon cancer, cervical cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer.. all cancers have two problems with opium derivatives. First, the opium derivatives stimulate angiogenesis and metastasis, so they will make the cancer grow faster and spread out of control. Second, they collapse the immune system. The mechanism for this is not well understood, but we know they attach to the mu opioid receptor and that blocks endorphins, the bodies natural pain reliever. Endorphins are intrinsically involved in the immune system, so making cancer grow and spread fast at the same time you cripple the immune system is a death sentence.

Many if not most oncologists will argue that this isn't true, but they are ever so wrong and that stupidity will cost you your life if you have cancer and listen to an oncologist. Some of the researchers on this subject have gone so far at to say the ONLY use for morphine is in the final stages of cancer to make the patient die faster.

Speaking of which, you know euthanasia is illegal, but I will let you in on an insiders secret. No hospital or doctor will EVER admit this, but every single hospital that I know of practices what they refer to in private as "therapeutic morphine" for cancer which is the insiders code word for killing a patient when they feel they have had enough and they have given up on even slowing the cancer down.

So if you are in a hospital for cancer, at some point they will decide to give you extra morphine... enough extra to kill you. They don't ask for permission and they don't tell you what they are doing, they just say "this is something to make you comfortable."

I have watched this over and over, believe me, when you are in the hands of the oncologist and hospital at some time when they think it is time they just kill you outright with an overdose of morphine.

This is just one of many reasons why I tell everyone I care about never accept conventional care for cancer, it is a death sentence. Many alternative treatments are available for lung cancer and several of the alternatives treatments will give you longer survival with lung cancer. If you select the right alternative treatments, lung cancer is at least 95% curable, even in the advanced stages.

If you have cancer you must at all costs avoid opiates, this includes codeine, oxycontin, oxycodone, endone, morphine and any other opium derivatives. There is one and only one exception to the rule that I know of, and that is tramadol. If anyone knows of another opiate or high level pain reliever which has been tested and definitely does NOT promote cancer, I would like to know about it please.

If you have lung cancer, even if the doctor has told you there is nothing that can be done, we can help you. We have very good results with lung cancer, even when it is metastatic and in the bones it is no problem with our alternative treatment.

If you have lung cancer you have probably been told it was due to smoking, but the biggest studies do NOT support that theory. Read this.

lung cancer

Conventional treatment failed in this lung cancer patient.  After several courses of chemotherapy and radiation, he was given up as a lost case and told he had weeks to life. 

He came to us for treatment and was treated for five days with painless inexpensive PDT and remission started immediately. The tumors on his brain were interferring with his speech and walking.. on the fourth day of treatment he drove to where we were, jumped out of the car and recited "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers" for me, a test we had decided would tell us whether he was improving because when I first challenged him with it before treatment all he could say was p... p... p...

In the post treatment scan on the right, the llung has not completely expanded, but is free of cancer.  This patient had complete enduring remission as verified by multiple follow up CT scans.

Tramadol enhances the immune system!
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