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We have treated many prostate cancer patients with alternative photodynamic therapy treatment and we have very good results with prostate cancer alternative treatment.

Prostate cancer is a very misunderstood disease ranging from fairly benign and easy to ignore to conditions that kill the patient in a few years, so understanding prostate cancer alternative treatment options is critical. Of all options, photodynamic therapy for prostate cancer is the safest and most effective alternative treatment.

Let's start out with some basic information about general prostate cancer treatment.

First, the PSA test is NOT a good test for prostate cancer. Years of research in the USA ended with the recommendation to stop using PSA as a prostate cancer indicator. The number of patients submitting to prostate cancer biopsies because of high PSA who actually had prostate cancer was the same as the percentage of prostate cancer across the same age group. An alternative prostate cancer test is faster and safer.

Because PSA is an unreliable indicator of prostate cancer, hundreds of thousands of men have had unecessary biopsies done to check for prostate cancer only to find there was no prostate cancer present. As always, an insult to any organ creates inflammation and that CAUSES cancer. Nobody knows how many men got prostate cancer due to biopsies and conventional medicine never admits they are causing it because they have no effective treatment for prostate cancer.

In my personal opinion submitting to a biopsy is a serious mistake and reduces your chance of surviving prostate cancer treatment so you need to use the alternative. If you ask the person who does the prostate biopsies whether it causes cancer to spread, they say it's an old wives tale. Ask them what the definition of seeding is and watch them panic.

With prostate cancer or any other cancer, if you cut it or take a biopsy it results in freeing up cancer cells which migrate and start another tumor. Seeding is the code word for spreading the cancer. It is a known fact, it always occurs but they lie about it because they get paid for doing prostate biopsies to check for cancer.

What would lead one to suspect prostate cancer? Difficulty urinating, having to go several times in the night because the bladder doesn't empty. If you suspect you have prostate cancer go to the doctor and ask for a DRE (digital rectal examination).

Any competent doctor can insert his or her finger in the rectum and feel the prostate. This is the alternative to PSA testing. If it is enlarged it might be benign prostate enlargement or it might be prostate cancer. If it is prostate cancer it usually feels lumpy in addition to being enlarged.

If the doctor suspects prostate cancer what do you do? Take a deep breath and remember that most prostate cancer won't usually kill you, it is slow moving and happens late in life so you are more likely to die of other causes than the prostate cancer.

Next wait for the doctor to say he is going to send you for a biopsy to decide on treatment. It is your choice, but I would strongly urge you to say not under any circumstances.

Why such a firm stand? First most prostate cancer usually doesn't kill you. Second, if there is cancer present a biopsy spreads the cancer and cancer grows much faster. Third, the only reason for a biopsy is to determine the gleason score, how fast moving and deadly is it. That is a total waste of time and money and a big unjustifiable risk, because if it is a high gleason score there is no conventional prostate cancer treatment that works. The alternative is called watchful waiting, but ignore PSA and do NOT let them do a biopsy.

The oncologists say there are many prostate cancer treatments available, cut the prostate out, put radioactive seeds in (duh, how stupid is that?, put you on chemotherapy as a prostate cancer treatment, radiate you, or put you on androgen deprivation therapy as a treatment for prostate cancer. What he will never recommend is photodynamic therapy for prostate cancer or any other prostate cancer alternative.

If they recommend these prostate cancer treatments, ask for three independent studies which show long term survival with and without each recommended prostate cancer treatment. You never hear from the again, because they already knew these do not work to treat prostate cancer before they recommended them.

Medscape, a top level research reporting site, issued a statement a few years back which said "We do not have a prostate cancer treatment which is effective. We should be telling prostate cancer patients to look for a clinical trial for prostate cancer or experimental prostate cancer treatment, because at this time we do not have anything for prostate cancer treatment which extends life considerably". The article did not mention photodynamic prostate cancer therapy or any other alternative because it is not FDA approved.

There IS an alternative treatment which is very helpful in prostate cancer, and it is photodynamic therapy. We have treated several cases of prostate cancer, all of them stage 4 terminal metastatic prostate cancer according to the oncologists who said there was nothing that could be done. I'll tell you about one prostate cancer patient who stands out from the rest.

Jimmy bought nembutol to suicide because prostate cancer was in his bones, which is a very painful end. His prostate cancer had spread throughout his body, in his bladder, pelvis, spine, ribs, lymphatics etc. An ultrasound showed his prostate to be massive and a DRE amazed the doctor because she could not reach the end or either side of his prostate. We used that doctor to initiate photodynamic therapy for his prostate cancer.

Jimmy had done many alternative prostate cancer treatments for years, none worked.

We started photodynamic therapy for the primary prostate cancer and 3 days later an ultrasound showed the prostate to be normal, and again the doctor was amazed because a DRE showed a normal size prostate gland all due to a few minutes of photodynamic therapy.

We treated the prostate cancer in his bones with photodynamic therapy and the pain went away within a couple of days. Jimmy was a delightful fellow, an old Aussie shearer and he traveled around with us for months helping manage other patients and enjoying life very much after our prostate cancer treatment alleviated his symptoms.

The interesting thing about Jimmy was that he had been fighting prostate cancer for decades, I think he said twenty years, and he had tried every alternative prostate cancer treatment he had ever heard of. He heard laetrile was an effective alternative prostate cancer treatment, but it was not available in his country so he bought several oil drums full of apricot kernels, the source of laetrile and used them as an alternative prostate cancer treatment by crushing and eating the kernels every day for months. This form of alternative treatment for prostate cancer did absolutely nothing for him.

He had heard that ionic silver was an effective alternative prostate cancer treatment so he bought gallons of it, and then bought 3 machines to make his own. He used this as an alternative treatment for his prostate cancer for years but the prostate cancer just continued to grow.

He was told that something called Kifer would help so he bought a starter for that and kept it going for years, using it as his primary alternative prostate cancer treatment but again had no success.

Someone convinced him that a vegetarian diet would cure his prostate cancer so for years he lived on what he called stoup.. a cross between stewed vegetables and soup, but this alternative treatment did no more for his prostate cancer than the others had.

He enjoyed the last years of his life to the maximum, and in the end he did not suffer from prostate cancer or die from prostate cancer. He was talking into committing suicide by Phillip Nitschke, a euthenasia advocate who needed him for advertising the benefits of committing suicide when you have cancer.

We have treated several prostate cancer cases with photodynamic therapy, always with good results and a remission of all prostate cancer symptoms. Another patient had prostate cancer in his lymphatic system, his bones and of course the prostate was enlarged due to prostate cancer. We treated his prostate cancer with alternative photodynamic therapy in 2009 and he was still in remission in 2014 according to the hospital tests. He still tests positive for involvement in the lymphatics, and his PSA is still high but he has no symptoms and no problems so we are continuing to treat his prostate cancer metastatic to the lymphatic system with our medications.

Photodynamic therapy for prostate cancer is fast and painless, if the prostate cancer has spread to the bones it takes more time but photodynamic therapy can stop prostate cancer in the bones as well. It is your best alternative for prostate cancer.

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