Doctor Garcia

We are currenty providing treatment in Cebu, in the heart of the Philippines.  Personal treatment can be arranged in different places depending on your desires.  If you are more comfortable in a hospital setting that can be arranged, or you can be treated in a private doctors office.  In some cases it may be possilbe to provide treatment in the privacy of your own hotel room.

Treatment requires administration of a sensitizer which may be a topical application or intravenous depending on what we are treating. Intravenous injections may be done by doctors we work with.  Our most recommended doctor is Victor Garcia, a private alternative treatment practitioner with many years experience.

Doctor Garcia operates a private practice in a small clinic in downtown Cebu.It is possible to arrange treatment in his clinic or in a hospital if necessary.

Treatment protocols are designed for each patient individualy using a computer program to calculate the treatment times for each area needing attention and increasing daily according to a propriotary formula designed to produce optimal results

Following this period the patient is exposed to a high power laser. This is a painless procedure. The patient may have temporary sensations of heat, but when this occurs the treatment is discontinued and resumed in a few seconds to minimize discomfort.

The length of time necessary for laser work depends on the size and depth of the tissue being treated.

In the case of autoimmune disease there is only one hour of laser application, done at the same time as the infusion.

In the case of cancer normally the laser work is repeated on at least 4 and possibly 7 more days.  Each day the amount of laser work is increased as we reach deeper into the body.

Laser work is applied by trained laser professionals who understand the dynamics of effective treatment. The laser specialists work from a program that defines treatment times.

Medical examinations may be required and in all cases old and recent medical records including scans will be required.

Expanded Protocol; In addition to the Photodynamic Therapy treatment, we use a comprehensive protocol involving a proprietary treatment which uses primarily natural compounds to restore health and to manage primary and metastatic cancer.

Alternative cancer treatment in cebu at night

Night shot of downtown Cebu

Cebu is in the heart of the Visayas, part of the Philippines chain of islands. The population of Cebu island is over 2.5 million, while Cebu city has a population over 850,000. There are many very good hospitals in Cebu, one is just a few blocks from our doctors office and they have what I believe is one of the best radiology centers I have ever seen, and I have been involved in medicine for 40 years in many countries so I am a fair judge of hospital capability.

What is it like in the Philippines? The weather is always warm but never too hot, between 27 and 31 degrees celcius. During the rainy season you will of course see lots of rain, but always broken with dry periods to make going out reasonable.

The thing I find most remarkable about Cebu is everyone is very accepting of all other human beings, regardless of race, gender, age, physical condition or any other factor. You will see more smiles here than almost any other place on earth.