The HIV Virus and PDT

The scientific community has known for at least 12 years that the HIV virus can be completely destroyed with a very simple PDT protocol.  In fact, it has been law in Europe for that long that all blood for transusion MUST be treated with PDT to eliminate the chance of tranfection during transfusion. So if we know it is easy to kill in blood bags with PDT, what keeps us from being able to do it in a living human being?

No one has attempted it because of factors which we will discuss later, but we have overcome those limitations.

The diagram below is the construct of the HIV virus.  It looks pretty here, but in the real world it is ugly.

So, Let's Try to Kill the HIV Virus!

HIV killed by PDT

Even without the laser our molecule makes the virus unable to replicate.  The molecule intercalates (slides into) the RNA of the virus and damages it, which means an end to the multiplying and also the infection potential of the virus.

So theoretically we can kill a large amount of the blood borne viruses (about 99,990 out of 100,000) directly by treating the blood through the skin with the laser, and in theory the remaining viruses will be disabled.

We have waited 4 years for a chance to test this protocol, and it was initiated in our first patient on the 13th of December 2011.  During treatment we had an unexpected reaction which indicates it may work better than expected. 

Even though we used an amount of sensitizer and laser which is known to be imperceptble to the patient, we found that in a patient with 5,000 viral copies per milliliter of blood the laser felt hot, indicating a much higher level of sensitizer than expected in the blood.  In retrospect this makes perfect sense, as the viruses in the blood would capture the sensitizer and keep it in the blood much longer and that alone would explain the unexpected response.

We are anxiously waiting for results to see how well it has worked.  If we have even partial success we will modify the protocol and try again. It is our hope that his can be done reliably.  If we are successful the next step will be finding ways to make it inexpensive enough to be able to provide the treatment to the poor in Africa and other countries.

All Viruses are Susceptible to PDT

Over the last several years of treating terminal patients we have seen remission of viral disease occurring as a side effect of treating their terminal diseases. In one notable case the patient was viewed with the infra red camera after being infused.  This patient had an outbreak of herpes simplex, and every lesion was bright white, so we know that the sensitizer attaches to viruses.

We treated the lesions and the following day they were dried up and coming off.

Human Papilloma Virus is Killed by PDT

In a recent study using PDT to kill cervical cancer it was found that not only was the cancer killed, but there was a complete kill of all HPV viruses.  This is a great advantage, because it reduces the chance of the virus starting cancer again.

In Vivo vs In Vitro

Many tests have been done in vitro (in a petri dish or lab test) on essentially all viruses and we have known for years that no virus can resist PDT.  So what is keeping us from treating them in vivo (in the living human body)?

There are a few factors.  Many viruses hide in certain locations in the body, making it difficult or impossible to reach them with PDT.  There is also the question of how to control the sensitizer level while treating, and how to be sure you won't damage any healthy blood cells.

A Tested Blood Treatment Protocol In Vivo

We have done in vitro and in vivo tests to determine the sensitizer concentration in blood at given infusion rates and to verify the amount of light which will kill viruses in the blood without damaging healthy blood cells.  The protocol is well known to our doctors and is safe to use.  This allows us to treat viruses in the blood and also any tissue which we can penetrate with the laser to an acceptable power level. 

In Vivo Viral Vaccination

Vaccines are made by disassembling the DNA or RNA of the element you want to vaccinate against.  It is known that PDT is more effective at this process than the old UV or radiation techniques, so the process of killing the viruses will produce a vaccine in the same way it does against cancer.

It is our expectation that the immune system will be armed by the direct kill of blood borne viruses and will then destroy any remaining viruses on contact.  We have not yet completely proven this but our preliminary tests indicate it is true.

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